Thessaloniki '23

46th National Selection Conference of EYP Greece

Thu, 14 Dec. 2023 – Mon, 18 Dec. 2023

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Climate Fiction: As reported by the European Digital Media Observatory in 2022, disinformation concerning climate change ranked as the third most prominent theme detected within the European Union. Bearing in mind the importance of preserving free speech and recognising the gaps in climate change education, what measures should the EU take in its efforts to counter the spread of climate-related disinformation?


Digilliterate: Based on a Eurostat survey conducted in 2021, only 54% of European citizens have basic digital skills, primarily due to the inadequate infrastructure in educational institutions for tech education. Given that nearly 31 million workers face a very high risk of losing their jobs due to automation, what can the EU do to further support Member States to better integrate and evolve technological education across Europe?


Cultural education: In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, 10 million jobs in the cultural and creative sectors worldwide have been lost, with museums and cinemas shutting down at an alarming rate. How can the EU breathe new life into the cultural and creative sectors while providing greater opportunities to youth and better integrating the arts and culture into school curricula?


Repairing and Repaying: The legacy of European colonialism has historically been a key hindrance of African economic development. With many EU Member States growing more aware of their responsibilities towards their former colonies, in what ways can they help to boost the continent's economic development?


Next generation: According to a 2020 survey, 24 out of 27 Member States have reported major shortages of teachers. Given that many educators throughout the EU have expressed concerns regarding the working conditions in the educational sector, as well as the social perception regarding teachers’ profession, how can the EU combat this decline in the teaching workforce while safeguarding teachers’ rights?


Burning Questions: The recent wildfires in Greece have become the largest ever recorded within the EU, resulting in the devastation of national parks, loss of life, and the disruption of local ecosystems. Considering the alarming 86% increase in wildfires in 2022, how can the EU develop a sustainable strategy to address the ongoing wildfire crisis and institute proactive measures for mitigating future wildfires?


All To Well: With 50% of young Europeans having unaddressed mental health needs, the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental well-being of European youth are still noticeable. How can the EU support Member States in addressing mental health issues while promoting the integration of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) into school curricula?


Back to Orange: Recidivism rates in the EU are often alarmingly high, with two thirds of former convicts from Member States such as Czechia and Greece re-entering prison after the end of their sentence. How can the EU support its Member States in introducing new methods into the penitentiary system for reduced recidivism rates and a more successful reintegration process of former convicts into society?


Under Pressure: As of 2023, more than 2.3 million people in Europe are living with HIV/AIDS, often experiencing stigma, discrimination, and restricted access to education and healthcare resources. What steps should the European Union take to effectively combat and eliminate this stigma, while investing in research and new treatment regimens?


Military research collaborations financed by China and conducted by European scientists, for example regarding dual-use technology or artificial intelligence, have been flagged as a significant vulnerability of the EU to Chinese espionage. How can the EU prevent the Chinese military from using sensitive European technologies for nefarious purposes, while guaranteeing the academic freedom of researchers?

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