9th National Selection Conference of EYP Azerbaijan

Sat, 25 March 2023 – Sun, 26 March 2023



Chains of Development: Racism, discrimination, colonial past of Europe, and a lack of repentance for its role in the Atlantic slave trade are all ongoing and serious barriers to the EU's efforts to begin a new chapter in relations with Africa. In order to enhance unity between continents, how can the EU cultivate further principled relations with Africa and maintain an equitable approach to African prosperity, while protecting European values?


Foresight of the Past: During the conflicts, civil unrest, and wars, several cultural, religious and historical artefacts have been destroyed or damaged. Given the already existing institutional dialogue and financial cooperation with UNESCO (United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organisation), what actions should the EU take in order to prevent, repair and limit the various damage of cultural heritage in the Middle East?


A Promise Unkept: Despite an increased legal protection of indigenous people's human rights, national and regional policies can often be contradictory or not fully implemented, and indigenous people still fall victim to industrial projects. The growing demand for non-renewable resources suggests that such activities are likely to impinge even more on the lands of indigenous communities living in countries with important resource reserves. How should Europe protect the rights and heritage of indigenous and tribal peoples, whilst still allowing industrial and economic growth?


IP Ban: Recently-developed Artificial Intelligence systems use publicly accessible data to train its database with no regard to intellectual property laws to trade licenses and creative works. How can Member States ensure continous development of this industry with respects to author's rights?


Soulless Work: In light of the recent surge in popularity of art forms created by diverse Artificial Intelligence platforms, what measures can the European Union implement to prevent the potential erosion of employment prospects and jeopardise the career prospects of professional artists who derive their livelihood from the art industry?


Women belong in the lab: Regardless of the progress made in the recent years when it comes to gender balance, research shows that women are still underrepresented in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields. Which steps can the Member States take to increase gender equality in those fields?


Cash versus Culture: Cultural artefacts are frequently targets of illegal trade, looting, theft, and trafficking. This has a detrimental effect on cultural heritage both inside and beyond the EU, particularly in crisis and conflict zones. In order to tackle this issue, the Nicosia Convention on Offences relating to Cultural Property was put into force by the Council of Europe in April 2022. How can the EU enforce the convention and introduce further regulation in order to tackle illicit trafficking of cultural property?


Investing in Cell: Taking into account the troublesome dilemma between ethics and science with regard to embryonic stem cell research (ESCs), how can the EU pursue full respect and protection of human embryos, while allowing science to enhance their healing properties for patients and foster research development?


History is written by the winners: Aware of Eurocentrism favouring western civilisations over others, how can Member States ensure more global attitudes in politics, education and history while retaining enough cultural exposure of other nations?


Breaking Barriers: Though EU legislation requires Member States to recognise the rights of same-sex spouses to free movement, LGBTQIA+ couples may encounter obstacles in having their partnership and associated rights recognised in some European nations, while the civil status of transgender people may not be easily recognised across several Member States. In consideration of each Member State's individual constitutional character and state legislation, how can the EU secure the freedom of movement of diverse groups and support the right to private and family life?


Industry in Flames: With the development of Strategy for Developing Tourism in Azerbaijan for 2016-2025 aimed at creating favourable economic conditions for tourism development, how should the EU contribute to further boosting Azerbaijani competitiveness in the tourism industry in Caucasian region?

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