I'm Still Standing: Europe's Old-age Dependency Ratio is projected to increase to 51.2% in 2070, fundamentally altering the structure and needs of the society, whilst also highlighting the importance of Aged Care. To that end: A. Aware that total Age-related Costs are expected to increase by 1.7-26.7% of GDP between 2017 and 2070 in the EU alone, what can be done to alleviate the forecasted pressure of Public Health Spending whilst preserving access to health services for those in need? B. Considering the ageing of the population and the consequent need for Skilled and Social Care, how can we ensure that such services are adequately accessible for the elderly? C. Despite 2.5 million European citizens dying each year due to terminal illness, only 35% of those needing Palliative Care currently receive it. With the aim to minimise suffering, what provisions for End-of-life Care should be made available, possibly including the right to Legal Termination of Life?

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