3rd Digital Session of EYP Turkey

Sat, 12 Dec. 2020 – Sat, 19 Dec. 2020



Say Something: Youth Abuse has become a growing global phenomenon with serious life-long mental and physical consequences. To that end: A. Following a spike in calls to European Domestic Violence hotlines reaching 60%, what can be done to ensure the protection of today's youth from Interpersonal Violence? B. Peer groups and other stakeholders can often exert significant influence over people's lives during adolescence. How can European countries exert a positive social influence on Youth Development, while reducing Social Pressure? C. For many young adults, their Emancipation and transition into the labour market can be challenging, often rendering them Financially Dependent well past adulthood. What can be done to increase young people's Self-dependence?


Keeping up with the Digital World: The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted our relationship with the Internet, as people become more reliant on Online Services to continue with their daily routines. To that end: A. Keeping in mind that many governments are increasingly implementing distance learning into their educational systems, what can be done to ensure that Digital Education further enhances Students’ Learning Experience? B. Taking into consideration the increase in the use of Digital Publications and the restriction in access due to Paywalls, what can be done to ensure better access to digital information, while also protecting Intellectual Property Rights? C. Considering that lockdown disrupted Scientific Research, how could the development of Cross-national Digital Research be promoted?


Overcoming Calamity: With the impending global climate emergency projected to increase the number of calamities in the coming decades, the role of natural disaster resilience grows with each passing year. With that in mind: A. What measures should be taken in order to ensure better prevention of natural disasters? B. How can members of civil society better collaborate in order to ensure more effective emergency relief in the event of a catastrophe? C. How can better international cooperation between countries be encouraged in mitigating natural disaster?


I'm Still Standing: Europe's Old-age Dependency Ratio is projected to increase to 51.2% in 2070, fundamentally altering the structure and needs of the society, whilst also highlighting the importance of Aged Care. To that end: A. Aware that total Age-related Costs are expected to increase by 1.7-26.7% of GDP between 2017 and 2070 in the EU alone, what can be done to alleviate the forecasted pressure of Public Health Spending whilst preserving access to health services for those in need? B. Considering the ageing of the population and the consequent need for Skilled and Social Care, how can we ensure that such services are adequately accessible for the elderly? C. Despite 2.5 million European citizens dying each year due to terminal illness, only 35% of those needing Palliative Care currently receive it. With the aim to minimise suffering, what provisions for End-of-life Care should be made available, possibly including the right to Legal Termination of Life?


#TheSocialVote: The 2019 European Elections illustrated the highest turnout rate since 1994. However, despite the campaign efforts, only 51% of eligible voters participated, a phenomenon caused by various factors such as lack of interest and trust. To that end: A. Keeping in mind the increasing popularity of social media in political campaigns, what can be done to ensure a respectful and democratical environment for Online Campaigning? B. Bearing in mind the recent Cambridge Analytica data leaks scandal, what steps should be taken to prevent Data Misuse and Voter Manipulation in social media? C. Recognising that Algorithms on social media websites like Facebook tend to prioritize posts serving some political views over others, how can Unfiltered Access Across all Media be safeguarded?


Housing for all: With the lockdown following the Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing economic difficulties many households are facing, the importance of Quality Housing becomes ever-more important. Hence: A. With the growth of Housing Prices accelerating, according to recent figures by the OECD, what interventions should be made in Managing Public Investment in order to ensure the affordability of housing? B. Taking into consideration that millions of people in Europe live in Overcrowded or Inadequate Housing, with an annual cost of nearly EUR 200 Billion, how can Housing Conditions be improved? C. Recognising Infrastructure in major parts of most European cities is outdated, hindering development in terms of adequate energy usage or access to public transport, how can the phenomenon of Gentrification be used advantageously, with the goal of transitioning safely towards Sustainable Urban Living?

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