Ourense 2020

RSC of EYP España

Fri, 14 Feb. 2020 – Sun, 16 Feb. 2020



Real democracy?: In light of the continuous decision making processes with no direct intervention of the citizens and indirect elections of smaller regional governments, what should national stakeholders do to bring democracy closer to citizens?


Young Europe: Participation in national and European politics has consistently been low in recent years - particularly among the youth. What actions can the EU and Member States take in order to ensure political inclusivity and active citizenship?


Concrete jungle: with 60% of the world’s population expected to live in cities by 2030, what role should urban agriculture methods such as vertical farming, city farms and urban gardens play in European cities to ensure food security in the future?


Speaking volumes: Multilingualism is a fact of life in the EU. In what ways should the European Union further develop its policy framework for language learning, in order to improve social integration, enhance its citizens skillset on the job market, as well as foster cultural exchange and mutual understanding?


Work in the age of robotics: With the development of Artificial Intelligence forecasted to make nearly half of currently existing occupations redundant within the next two decades, the future of the European labour market becomes increasingly precarious. What steps could the EU and its Member States take in order to address the social impact of automation and ensure European citizens’ future economic security, whilst unleashing its innovative potential?


#UsToo - 53% of women report they have been sexually harassed at work - and a fifth of men experienced the same. The #MeToo campaign highlighted how accounts of workplace harassment go unreported and unresolved, but also the problems with scandalising unconfirmed reports and the effects this can have on the accused. How can national governments encourage private and public companies to revise their internal reporting routines ensuring the legal certainty of both the accuser and the accused?


Reportedly 45% women in Europe have suffered from some form of physical violence in their lifetime. What measures should be taken by the European Union and its Member States in order to combat all forms of gender violence?


Future of online shopping: With the E-Commerce Directive still being in force after 18 years of its adoption, how should the EU update its policies on online sale of goods and services keeping in mind its effects on SMEs and local businesses?


The two-sided coin of the future: With today’s high pace of innovation and research, the vision of self-driving cars and AI-aided robots entering our daily lives becomes inevitable. Taking into consideration the possibilities and threats of smart technology and artificial intelligence, what actions could European technologically-developed countries take in order to ensure a safe transition into the future?


Read my mind: With social media emerging as the dominant news source for a majority of the populace, the question regarding the neutrality of these social networks’ media distribution arises. What steps should the EU take regarding the fact that private companies’ algorithms will play a dominant role in deciding what news are consumed by citizens?

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