St Eskils Gymnasium 2019

2nd st eskils gymnasium in school session

Tue, 1 Oct. 2019 – Wed, 2 Oct. 2019



Greener Grass - Many of Europe’s best and brightest are emigrating from poorer to richer Member States to find a better future. As a result, many of the European Union’s poorer Member States have a large shortage of highly skilled workers such as doctors and engineers. This, in turn, leads to labour shortages and stunted economic growth. What can the European Union do to help these Member States retain highly skilled workers without infringing on the right to free movement?


Europe’s Green Lung - Forests cover around 35% of Europe’s land area and are one of its most valuable environmental and economic assets. The European Forest Strategy has reached its half-way mark and is up for an evaluation. What steps can Europe take to protect its forests, while also reaping the economic benefits of the forestry sector?


A Prideful European Union, how should LGBTI+ rights be protected in Europe, whilst acknowledging and addressing public hostility and reservations of individual Member States?


The European Union in space? With space becoming the forefront of modern technological advancements, how could the EU alongside its Member States ensure that they do not stagger behind other nations attempting to lift-off?

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