St Eskils Gymnasium 2020

3nd st eskils gymnasium in school session

Wed, 23 Sept. 2020 – Thu, 24 Sept. 2020

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“The majority of European Constitutions enshrine the principle of separation between Church and State,” says a 2013 report from the Directorate-General for Internal Policies, but the degree to which this is implemented differs enormously. With some European nations committing deeply to the separation of powers, others spelling out their commitment to the separation of church and state indirectly, and others having only a theoretical commitment and a de facto partnership between church and state, how should European governments act in a world where religious diversity (including atheism) is at an all-time high?


As migration continues to be an increasingly urgent issue and current EU asylum policies failing to respond effectively to mass migration, what should the EU do to secure the rights of refugees while creating pragmatic policies to ensure shared responsibilities by Member States?


The fast expansion of digital technologies has contributed to the boom of cryptocurrencies over the past year. Taking into account the involvement of virtual money in cyber attacks and illegal transactions, how and to what extent should the EU legislate currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and IOTA?


Je suis Charlie? What measures should the EU take to guarantee the safety of its citizens and the protection of basic civil liberties such as the right to freedom of expression and speech, as well as of thought, conscience and religion?


With the changing nature of foreign threats close to Europe’s borders as well as violent conflicts globally, new forms of defensive cooperation are required. What role should the Member States’ armed forces play? What should the extent of military cooperation at the EU level be in the future?


The European Union in space? With space becoming the forefront of modern technological advancements, how could the EU alongside its Member States ensure that they do not stagger behind other nations attempting to lift-off?

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