Samsun 2019

23rd National Selection Conference of EYP Turkey

Sat, 13 April 2019 – Tue, 16 April 2019



The normative power of the European Union: Taking into consideration the principles set by the 2015-2019 Action Plan on Human Rights and Democracy, how should the EU crystallise the respect and promotion of basic human rights as a leading aspect of its external policies?


Linguistic equality for all: With multilingualism lying on the core of the European identity but at the same time posing substantial challenges to the creation of a truly integrated EU, how can Human Language Technologies be used in order to provide the same opportunities to all citizens?


Ex-situ taxation governance: In light of the first ‘list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes’ adopted by the EU in 2017 and the economic cost of existing ‘taxation havens’ within or outside its borders, what further steps should be taken in order to tackle the harmful effects of global tax competition?


Resetting the workforce: With technological advancements having progressively replaced the human workforce in many traditional sectors and new professions emerging, what further steps should be taken in order to respond to technological progress in an equal way for every member of the labour market?


Remote access to healthcare: In light of the 2018 European Commission Communication regarding the ‘digital transformation of health and care’, how can accessible, resilient and patient-centred cross border care systems be established by using the advancements of telemedicine?


Democratising the Single Market: Taking into consideration the recent ban on geo-blocking on e-commerce activities, what should be made to ensure more equitable access for both consumers and businesses to digital services and products across Europe?


Enhancing a multilateral trade environment: In light of the stagnation of the World Trade Organisation Ministerial Conference’s negotiating mechanisms on December 2017, should and to what extent the EU enhance its role within the international trade scheme by ensuring market openness and non-discrimination?


Safeguarding the public interest; In light of recent financial scandals and the proposed EU directive regarding the protection of persons reporting breaches of the Union’s law, how can the effective disclosure of harmful incidents and the protection of whistleblowers be equally upheld?


The future of European security: Following the July 2018 Joint Declaration on EU-NATO Cooperation, what further steps should be taken regarding EU’s policy on the pressing issue of conflicts in neighbouring States?

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