Imagine 2024

Summer National Session of EYP United Kingdom

Wed, 3 July 2024 – Sun, 7 July 2024



Agrivolution: As the global agricultural robotics market is projected to reach around EUR 80 billion by 2033, the integration of precision farming and agricultural robotics promises optimisation of productivity, resource use, and sustainability. With growing concerns over food security, how can the EU navigate the complexities of autonomous farming to ensure it contributes to sustainable, efficient, and socially responsible farming practices?


Looking for Connection: Nearly half of British adults report feeling lonely, and chronic loneliness levels remain above pre-pandemic levels, largely as a result of social isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. While working from home and increased reliance on social media have been shown to increase loneliness, technology can also increase connection. How can European countries promote the development and use of new tech to increase well-being and social connection?


Nuclear's green horizon: The emergence of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) has promised to redefine the nuclear energy sector, with the European Commission aiming to deploy SMRs by the early 2030s to achieve sustainable energy production. Keeping in mind ecological concerns, how can the EU address the challenges of public and state apprehension, waste management, and integrate SMRs into its sustainable energy blueprint?


Climate of resilience: One of the main effects of climate change in Europe is an increased prevalence of floods, claiming thousands of lives and causing economic damage of around EUR 170 billion since 1980. Taking into account existing legislation such as the EU Floods Directive, how can European communities become more resilient to flooding?


Safe Cyberspace: With 70% of women in the EU having experienced cyberstalking, the European Union is debating a Union-wide criminalisation of gender-based violence, including the first criminalisation of cyber violence. However, as significant dangers to women’s safety online and offline remain, what can European countries do to combat violence against women, in particular the rise of online violence?


A Bluer Baltic: With the Baltic Sea being one of the most polluted bodies of water on Earth, where over 97% of ecosystems are damaged and several marine species are on the brink of collapse, the ecological and economic stakes for the Baltic region have never been higher. How can the EU engineer a comprehensive strategy to revitalise the Baltic Sea's marine ecosystem, while fostering the sustainable utilisation of its rich marine resources?


Escape from the country: Across Europe, rural regions are falling behind urban centres in terms of economic development and infrastructure, leading to feelings of isolation and frustration with political institutions. What steps can European governments take to support economic development and foster regional cohesion?


Systems Under Siege: Worldwide cyber attacks on critical infrastructure have risen to unprecedented levels. With energy grids, financial services, and election security facing significant security threats, and the cost of cyber attacks predicted to rise to above USD 10 trillion in the coming years, how can European governments safeguard critical infrastructure against this rising threat?


Flying green: With a growing political willingness at the European and national level to limit carbon emissions from the transportation sector, the development of economically viable Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is gaining momentum. How can governments support SAF producers and airlines in using the potential of SAF in their transition to net zero aviation?

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