RISE 2016

82nd International Session of the EYP - France, St Malo & Rennes

Fri, 8 July 2016 – Mon, 18 July 2016

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Keeping in mind the complexities the EU is facing in the policy-making field, how should the EU rethink its institutional structure through the use of innovative tools of governance?


Considering the recent tensions in some of the Eastern Partnership countries, how should the future relation between these countries and the EU be shaped?


Keeping in mind that languages are an important element for cultural diversity in Europe, what should be the EU’s approach towards regional and minority languages within its territories?


In light of the increasing importance of digital technologies in everyday life, how should educational systems prepare young people for the digital life of tomorrow?


Considering the relevant differences inherent to local cultures and religions, how can the EU better promote sexual and reproductive health in developing countries.


Keeping in mind the potential of entrepreneurship as a solution to youth unemployment, what further steps should be taken to facilitate microloans and financing for startups throughout Europe?


In light of the growing number of migrants settling in Member States, how should they be integrated in the labour force, considering existing challenges with unemployment?


In light of the Social Business Initiative launched by the European Commission in 2011, how should the EU approach the continued rise and impact of social entrepreneurship initiatives?


Keeping in mind that the EU and India have not concluded a Free Trade Agreement, how should the EU seek to reinvent its trade policy towards one of the largest nations on earth?


In light of the Digital Single Market Strategy adopted last year, how should the EU ensure that digital sectors and services can prosper and become more globally competitive?


Considering that higher global temperatures are making the Arctic region increasingly habitable, how can the EU contribute to a fair distribution of natural and environmental resources with the other actors in the region?


In light of the growing relevance of data encryption in the field of counter-terrorism, how should the EU balance the rights to privacy and data protection of its citizens with the necessity of keeping them safe?


Considering the serious threats religious tolerance and pluralism are facing in European societies following the terror attacks and the migrant crisis, how should they be safeguarded?


In light of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, adopted last December, how should the EU support cities in becoming drivers of climate action throughout Europe?


In light of the EU-Turkey Joint Action Plan, how can the EU and Turkey cooperate to improve public safety in Turkey, while safeguarding human rights, democracy and the rule of law?

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