9th SS of EYP Azerbaijan

9th School Session of EYP Azerbaijan

Thu, 20 June 2024 – Sun, 23 June 2024

9th SS of EYP Azerbaijan's GA hasn't started yet!



Trailblazers in Training: Over a third of Azerbaijani youth, whose school life often revolves solely around academics, are unaware of existing internship opportunities, hindering their skill development and career prospects. How can the European countries and the Azerbaijani government collaborate to bridge this awareness gap and foster a vibrant internship and extracurricular culture?


Shifting Gears: Considering the expansion of the electric vehicle market, what steps should the EU take to enhance its own electric vehicle production capabilities while addressing trade barriers with Chinese electric cars, to ensure balanced economic competition and environmental sustainability?


Byte-Sized: Disparities in digital literacy among different age groups and marginalised communities hinder participation in the labour market and access to education, exacerbating social and economic inequalities. How can Member States address these gaps to create equal opportunities and meet the EU's Digital Decade Policy goal of 80% digital literacy by 2030?


Smaller than 5 mm: The knowledge of microplastic pollution's ecological and human health risks is surrounded by considerable uncertainty. If microplastic pollution continues at the present rate, these risks will increase in the coming decades. How can EU policy measures and precautions reduce all plastic pollution including microplastics?


Beyond Paychecks: As the EU continues to make strides in closing the Gender Pay Gap, underlying factors such as labour market participation disparities, the undervalued domestic labour predominantly undertaken by women, and occupational segregation persist. How can the EU innovate its policy framework to address these root causes and drive comprehensive gender equality forward?


Too close to home: How can the EU revise its migration policy to enhance the management of external borders while simultaneously promoting the human rights of refugees?


Ink of Integrity: Amid ongoing conflicts, news outlets, particularly those in social networks, often exacerbate polarisation through misinformation, which can severely undermine societal cohesion and deepen divisions. How can the EU effectively uphold responsible journalism standards and safeguard freedom of expression to mitigate these challenges?


Denied Will to Live: With the "Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan" in action, the changes for a better future for cancer patients can be seen since the beginning of the program. How can the EU coordinate to ensure the stakeholders implement the recommendations, and have awareness, familiarity and understanding of the Plan while reaching its goals?

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