Days of EYP Cyprus 2024

Days of EYP Cyprus 2024

Sat, 6 April 2024 – Sun, 7 April 2024



Youth Renaissance: Given the fact that Europe's youth participates less in constitutional politics than other age groups, with the participation level in European elections being around 40%, what steps can the EU take to promote and increase the involvement of people aged 15-29 in the 2024 European Parliament elections?


Get with the trend: One in every six people worldwide works in the textile and clothing industry. The majority of these workers are children and women, who often work in poor and hazardous conditions and receive low compensation. What measures can the EU take to ensure human rights are upheld for workers in the fashion manufacturing industry?


Siri, What Is My Diagnosis?: Online health literacy took new importance during the COVID-19 pandemic, with one in two EU citizens seeking a self-diagnosis online. Considering this high demand, what can Member States do to eradicate the potential dangers of this lack of literacy in digital health?


No uterus, no opinion: Although a 2021 European Parliament resolution proclaimed safe access to abortion as a human right, the Polish Supreme Court recently ruled that 'abortion on demand' was unconstitutional. How can the EU protect women's sexual and reproductive health rights across Europe while also respecting the sovereignty of each Member State?


This should be a joint decision: With countries such as Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands looking into legalising cannabis, the societal debate on cannabis usage is back on the agenda in Europe. What stance should the EU take towards the usage, selling, and production of cannabis?


We are family: Currently, major differences exist among EU Member States as far as legal adoption procedures for LGBTQIA+ couples are concerned. Bearing in mind that full joint adoption by same-sex couples is not widely accepted and has thus far been legalised in only 14 out of 27 EU Member States, what measures can the EU take to secure equality in law, public policies and practices when it comes to parenting?

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