Baku City Selection Session

Baku City Selection Session of EYP Azerbaijan

Fri, 2 Feb. 2024 – Sun, 4 Feb. 2024



Unity in ballots: How can Azerbaijan enhance public engagement in local presidential elections to boost inclusivity and transparency in the democratic process?


From petroleum to prosperity: How can Azerbaijan strategically diversify its economy to reduce reliance on oil and gas revenues, fostering resilience and sustainability, and which key sectors should be prioritised for the diversification efforts?


Empower the Regions, Enrich the Future: In what ways can Azerbaijan effectively tackle regional employment disparities, create more job opportunities for its local population, and address the scarcity of diverse employment prospects outside the capital, particularly for young individuals and recent graduates?


Mind Matters: Amidst rising depression and suicidal tendencies, what actions should the Azerbaijani state take to safeguard the mental health stability of the youth by eliminating the social stigma surrounding mental illnesses?


Welcome to the future!: With COP29 approaching, as the host country, how can Azerbaijan collaborate with other nations to strengthen collective commitment to combating climate change, and what policies can it enact to achieve sustainable environmental goals on the domestic level?


Winds of change: In light of the aftermath of the Second Karabakh War, what strategies can Azerbaijan employ to navigate sustainable reconstruction in the Karabakh region keeping in mind both infrastructure and socioeconomic aspects?


Brick by brick: With regard to the framework of Baku’s New Urban Development Plan for 2040, what initiatives can be pursued to ensure the successful implementation of sustainable, inclusive, and innovative city planning strategies?

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