Bragança 2023

41st NSC of EYP Portugal

Thu, 7 Sept. 2023 – Sun, 10 Sept. 2023



Support Thy Neighbour: How can the European Union revitalise its internal enlargement policies in order to increase pan-European cooperation through increased cohesion, especially in the Western Balkans and the Eastern Partnership?


Mind the Gap: Cancer is the second leading cause of death in Europe, claiming 1.2 million lives in 2020 alone. Considering the large variations in cancer treatment availability in Europe, as well has the current medicine shortage, how can the EU promote more equal access of cancer treatment within the Member States?


Let Me(at) in: The positive prospects of cultivated meat and the environmental impact of conventional food production represent a topic of significance for the global market sector as well as food concerns in Europe. How can the EU best adjust its market regulations on lab-grown meat to fully explore the untapped potential of this industry?


Tech it to the Limit: Assistive and Accessible technologies have provided people with disabilities with a higher quality of life, yet for many, they remain out of reach. How can the EU reinforce the current efforts to develop smart technologies and make them universally accessible to all who are dependent on them?


Guardians of the AI: With ChatGPT and other forms of AI bots gaining immense attraction amongst users, concerns have been raised over copyright and data protection issues of generative AI. In light of the AI Act proposal, what steps should the EU take to ensure the ethical implementation of generative AI while safeguarding data and intellectual property?


Future is Green: Accounting for the dissatisfactory quality of public spending towards green transition across the Union, how can Member States improve national and regional budgets' practices on green transition particularly through cross-border cooperation?


Unity is Strength: Russia's invasion of Ukraine and Finland's recent accession to NATO underline the importance of the relationship between the European Union and NATO for European security and defence. Given the growing importance of and political will for European strategic autonomy, how can the EU effectively shape this capacity while advancing cooperation with NATO?


And Tomorrow’s just a Dream Away: With the recent launch of the U-Space regulation allowing for more complex drone operations to take place, a future of urban air mobility is becoming more of a reality. Noting the potential risks of a high volume of drones in the airspace, how should the EU support technological innovation whilst ensuring a safe provision of services?

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