Istanbul 2023

the 27th NSC of EYP TR

Sun, 3 Sept. 2023 – Fri, 8 Sept. 2023

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Green ideal: A key premise of the European Green Deal is that 'no person or place is left behind'. With increasing feelings of being 'left behind' within certain sectors of society, how can the EU achieve its goals for a green future with full democratic consent and engagement from citizens of every race, class and geographic location?


Clean future: Considering the goal of the European Green Deal of getting to no net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, how can the EU facilitate the cities' transition into a green and smart future?


To be or not to be: Whereas arts and artistic disciplines are essential components of personal development, what should be done to promote a culture of innovation and creativity in the EU?


Say something: Youth abuse has become a growing global phenomenon with serious life-long mental and physical consequences. Following a spike in calls to European Domestic Violence hotlines reaching 60%, what can be done to ensure the protection of today's youth from Interpersonal Violence?


Play fair, trade fair: The dynamics of competition shape the landscape for businesses, with small- and middle-sized enterprises (SMEs) playing a pivotal role in driving innovation and economic growth. How can the EU formulate effective competition policies that empower SMEs, ensuring a level playing field and nurturing their contributions to a thriving European market?


Making chocolate teapots: Around 40% of people believe that their jobs are not making a meaningful contribution to the world, and around 30% do not find their jobs personally fulfilling. Young people in entry-level positions may be likely to find their work less rewarding. How can Europe ensure young people are provided with meaningful employment options?


Freedom of the hijab: After the French Senate voted in favor of the law prohibiting individuals under eighteen years old from wearing hijab in public, French State faced public backlash and outrage, with accusations of Islamophobia and misogyny. What should European countries do to protect women's rights, religious rights and uphold the European States' idea of secularism and sovereigty?


Truth or dare: As disinformation is being more frequent with social media being more common day by day under the impact of the wartime, the media literacy of Europeans is proportionally low. What should the EU do to increase media literacy and fight fake news?


Thinking beyond the horizon: Space exploration has captivated human imagination, leading to monumental discoveries and technological advancements that transcend our earthly boundaries. Which measures should the EU take to maximise the scientific knowledge from space research?

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