Ljubljana 2023

9th National Selection Conference of EYP Slovenia

Mon, 21 Aug. 2023 – Sat, 26 Aug. 2023



Stats Don't Lie: In 2022, Human Rights Watch found that human rights violations in Latin America are at a higher rate than in decades, with limitations to media freedom, imprisonment of government critics and excessive force used against peaceful protesters. With Latin America being a geopolitically important partner to the EU, how can the EU continue to develop their strategic partnership with these countries while operating in line with its own key values?


Fact or Fiction?: While the EU has put forward measures such as the EU Artificial Intelligence Act to combat harmful usage of AI, predictive algorithms and generative AI continue to amplify human bias and overlook democratic values by generating false information. How can the EU effectively combat the spread of AI-generated misinformation while upholding freedom of expression and other democratic values?


Hidden in Plain Sight: Thousands of people across the EU, especially vulnerable people including migrants, fall victim to human trafficking annually which, as a form of modern slavery, can entail anything from forced labour and sexual exploitation to the removal of organs. How can the EU, together with other global actors, work to prevent human trafficking and what can they do to support victims of it?


Blue Planet?: By 2050, the commodification of fresh water is predicted to lead to heightened poverty, water-related conflict, and the approach of "day zero". With 30% of the EU's population already experiencing water insecurity, what can the EU do to mitigate the threat of water insecurity and ensure the right to safe and accessible water for all?


You Never Give Me Your Money: According to a 2021 Europol estimation, the amount of wealth originating from the EU held as offshore assets accounted for roughly 10% of European GDP. Given that the revenue loss resulting from international tax evasion amounts to EUR 51 billion annually by 2023 estimates, how can the EU improve its taxation framework to minimise the loss of fiscal revenue?


No Way Home: Following the recent influx of refugees and asylum applications in Europe due to factors such as wars and climate change, anti-immigrant sentiments continue to grow across the continent. With only 56% of European refugees being employed as well as refugees and asylum seekers facing violent attacks and having varying access to healthcare, what can the EU and its Member States do to further the integration of refugees and tackle the xenophobia they face?


Smart Cities: As a result of urbanisation an estimated two-thirds of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050, leading to issues such as gentrification and urban sprawl. What steps should the EU and its Member States take to ensure that urban development meets the challenges of increasing urbanisation while guaranteeing a green, sustainable and inclusive future for its citizens?

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