Belval 2023

10th National Selection Conference of EYP Luxembourg

Wed, 6 Sept. 2023 – Sat, 9 Sept. 2023



Culture in distress: Significant monuments around Europe have suffered great decay in recent years due to the lack of care, warfare tactics, such as intentional targeting of sites and buildings, as well as environmental factors, like pollution and climate change. Considering the cultural, educational, and historical value these sights hold, as well as the continued efforts of UNESCO on the matter, how can the European Union to ensure the conservation of its cultural heritage?


Zoom classes: Considering the difficulties in learning and development of children exposed to premature online education, especially after the introduction of online primary school with the COVID-19 pandemic, how should the EU approach the decrease in literacy rates and provide children with proper educational strategies?


The work after work: Unpaid care, such as caring for children, older family members, or people with disabilities affects the work-life balance of approximately one third of people in employment. Considering that women spend more time in unpaid caregiving than men and that single parent families report significant work-life conflicts, how can the EU ensure equal support for all parents in balancing their home and work lives?


Sugaring the pill: The most recent legislative proposal by the European Commission, which tackles inequality in the pharmaceutical industry, has sparked conflict between lawmakers and the industry. Keeping in mind that poorer Eastern European countries receive medicines slower than their Western counterparts, what steps should the EU take to fairly grant access to new drugs to all and avoid shortages of pharmaceuticals?


It is not rocket science: With the recent breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence, an increasing number of institutions are turning to AI to design hardware in the aerospace industry. With experts and relevant stakeholders expressing their concerns over the usage of generative design technology, how should the EU approach the application of AI in the aerospace sector?


Space junk: According to the European Space Agency’s report, more than 30.000 pieces of space debris currently orbit Earth, and the number is expected to increase due to the more frequent usage of spacecraft for observation, global communication, exploration, and transport. Considering the dangers posed by debris, from collision hazards to longterm decrease in sustainable space activities, what action should the European Union take to tackle this issue?


Gotta go my own way: Recent global events unveiled major differences in Member States’ individual energy security policies, as well as contrasting sentiments and visions when it comes to the EU’s energy plans. What steps should the EU take in order to ensure an energy-independent Union capable of stable energy generation, transmission, and distribution while keeping in mind the opposing views of Member States and goals set within the European Green Deal?


From A to Z: Since the release of the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy in 2020, intermodal transportation has garnered significant attention as a means of enhancing sustainability, connectivity, and efficiency. Recognising its role in achieving the goal of a 90% reduction in transport emissions by 2050 set out by the European Green Deal, what steps can the EU take to stimulate the development, sustainable transition, and international coordination of cross-border intermodal transportation?

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