Baku IS 2023

99th International Session of the EYP

Wed, 2 Aug. 2023 – Wed, 12 July 2023



TaliBAN on Education: Since the 2021 Taliban takeover of power in Afghanistan, the new regime has hindered or halted completely the access of young women and children to receive an education. As the international community continues to denounce this infringement of human rights there and in other countries, should the EU use its international position to ensure the full respect of the right of education, and how?


Education at War: With conflicts around Europe having left many young people deprived of education and opportunities, how should the local governments with the support of the EU, ensure the provision of education at all levels for the youth of affected regions, as well as the opportunity for developing a future?


WALL-E to be?: As Artificial Intelligence platforms for text generation challenge the education system and the trust between teachers and students, how can European education reconsider the role and form of homework and independent research, in order to protect quality of education and assessments?


Let's talk about sex, baby: Amidst deeply politicised public debates across the world about sexual and reproductive rights, how can European countries support evidence-based education to uphold the universal rights for sexuality education, sexual and reproductive rights, and development?


Getting Schooled: Recognising that the right of asylum-seekers and refugees to education is equal to their right to protection, how should the Council of Europe and the European Union ensure access to mainstream education for refugee and asylum-seeking children irrespective of their status, background and current country of residence?


Don't hate your brother: How can we ensure non-discriminatory treatment of national minorities and eliminate hate-motivated speech or actions against them, especially in European regions with ongoing divisions or conflicts?


Erasing the Red Ink: Increasing costs of higher education and greater cost-sharing by students and their families have resulted in a higher student indebtedness across Member States. Recognising the need to ensure equal opportunities for all students, what steps can the EU take to alleviate student debt and maintain the enduring financial accessibility of higher education?


Supporting young innovators: Entrepreneurship education has for long been a topic of discussion in how to increase skills and support talented students before they finish compulsory education. As the Eurydice report notes that curricula across the member states do not provide sufficient skills to promote entrepreneurship, how can the EU support young people who choose to pursue business and entrepreneurship early on?


Ethical Borders: While technical advances have revolutionised the possibilities of advancing medical practice, ethical barriers to the implementation of treatments such as germline gene therapy remain. How can the EU safeguard the health of patients, while also allowing for the future developments of embryonic stem cell research?


You're oil I need: Following the Strategic Partnership between EU and Azerbaijan on Green Energy, how can countries of the Black Sea further ensure a strong and sustainable electricity market in the region?


Diving deep in the tides of change: Since aquaculture is the world's fastest-growing food industry with the potential to supply two-thirds of the global food demand by 2030, yet having seen limited growth in Europe, how can we promote faster development of sustainable aquaculture and fisheries in European coastal communities while addressing the challenges that have hampered its growth?


Don't mis the information: Deeply concerned by the heightened impact of disinformation during wartime and visible misrepresentation of the devastating impact of war, what can be done to ensure a truthful flow of information and nurture a culture of recognising fake and altered media content?

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