8th University Session of EYP AZE

8th University Session of EYP Azerbaijan

Fri, 26 May 2023 – Mon, 29 May 2023



Jingle polls!: With the diminishing voter turnout in the EU Parliamentary and local elections, fewer young people are taking interest in being politically active. What can the Member States do in order to incentivise active citizenship and foster greater partisanship?


Heaven is a place on earth with the EU: In 2022, the European Council granted Ukraine the status of a candidate for accession to the European Union. This brings the total to seven confirmed applicants, some of whom had been on the list for over 20 years. What role should the EU play in helping countries foster the rule of law and good governance in order to support them in their efforts to join the EU?


User guide: Different levels of digital literacy between age groups as well as marginalised communities contribute to lower human pool in the labour market and unequal educational opportunities. Therefore, how can Member States establish equilibrium of digital literacy between Member States' citizens, and make them more viable assets for the current labour market?


Cyberdeck: As Automation has taken precedence for many industries across the globe, youth is experiencing disruption of the job market and are losing motivation to enter the workforce. What measures can the Member States take in order to establish a sustainable job market and incentivise career growth among the youth?


Eat the rich: With the wealth gap growing more and more, how could European taxes be reimagined to promote equal opportunities and equity amongst future generations?


Clock's ticking for security: Though it is of utmost importance that European citizens have the freedom to do what they want on the Internet, there are growing concerns about digital safety and external interference regarding the EU Single Market. How can the EU better balance the rights of consumers online with the protection of the EU economy at large?


Smoke and mirrors: Throughout the last decade societal trust in the EU has remained relatively consistent, with about 50% of the European population saying they trust the European Parliament. How can the EU change this status quo and inspire higher levels of trust amongst its citizens?


Afraid of Heights: As the amount of illegal drugs in Europe rises, young people become more and more susceptible to addictions. Bearing in mind the strongly diverging methods of combating drug abuse in Member States, how can the EU support vulnerable youth in the battle against addiction?

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