Turku 2023

29th National Session of EYP Finland

Thu, 6 April 2023 – Mon, 10 April 2023



Friends Close, Enemies Even Closer: With the historic accession of Sweden and Finland into NATO, how should the EU and NATO develop the Joint Declaration on EU-NATO Cooperation, particularly from the perspective of defence in Northern Europe and the Arctic?


The End of Cheap Money: With the Household Index of Consumer Prices showing double digit inflation for the first time in decades, raising prices for consumers all over Europe, how should the European Commission and European Central Bank coordinate their fiscal and monetary policies to return to the ECB's target rate for inflation?


Give Us a Job: As the record high employment rates following the Covid-19 pandemic are largely driven by an increase in precarious work, such as zero-hour contracts and involuntary part-time employment, how should the EU and its Member States provide adequate and fair working conditions for all workers?


The Birds and the Bees: With a large share of young people unsatisfied with the relationship and sex education provided by schools, and information on topics such as sexual orientation and gender identity missing from several national curriculums, how can European countries ensure young people are best prepared for healthy, safe and fulfilling romantic and sexual relationships throughout their lives?


The Slow Road to eGovernment: With the 2030 Digital Compass and the European Declaration on Digital Rights and Principles calling for a human-centred and prosperous digital future, how can the EU ensure that no citizens are left behind in the digitalisation of public services?


Houses Warm, Wallets Empty: After Russia's withdrawal and exclusion from the European energy market in 2022 caused consumer prices and energy company profits to skyrocket, highlighting Europe's geopolitical dependency on fossil fuels from authoritarian states, how can the EU guarantee affordable energy for all without running out of supply?


Ends to Justify the Means: With groups such as Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion performing attention-grabbing demonstrations in museums, art galleries, streets and motorways all across Europe, what stance should the EU take on civil disobedience to influence climate policy?

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