Malaga RSC 2023

Malaga Regional Selection Conference 2023

Fri, 24 March 2023 – Sun, 26 March 2023



Bigger, but not better: Every year, the number of local and small farms decreases in Europe, while bigger and more polluting farms with more animals per square metre are becoming more common. With macro-farms being the cause of 24% of all greenhouse gas emissions, which measures should the EU take in order to make intensive agriculture less polluting and better-quality?


Educare: As of 2021, 11.4 % of young men and 7.9 % of young women in the EU were leaving their education incomplete. With early school leaving proven to be linked to future issues such as unemployment, social exclusion, poverty and poor health, what actions must be taken by the EU to safeguard access to proper education for the future youth of Europe?


Who takes care of caretakers?: Up to 80% of nurses in European countries have reported mental health issues after the pandemic. Considering this a direct consequence of already understaffed facilities and precarious working conditions that the COVID-19 pandemic simply highlighted, what should the EU do to ensure the well-being of its healthcare sector?


Anti-social media: Some children and teenagers in the EU spend up to 9 hours a day on social media. With social media addiction proven to be directly related to a deterioration of mental health, as well as to the adoption of bad social habits, what measures should the EU take in order to protect its citizens, especially the youngest and most exposed to these risks


About more than just food: The prevalence of eating disorders more-than-doubled globally between 2000 and 2018, and evidence shows that pandemic induced lockdowns have worsened this trend. Around 20 million people in the EU currently suffer from anorexia, bulimia, or binge-eating disorder, with young women being affected more than other demographics. Keeping this in mind, how should the EU protect its citizens, especially the most vulnerable?


Nuclear. It's pronounced nuclear: Nuclear energy has been labelled as "green" by the EU Green Deal. Being mindful of its key role in the green transition and the potential consequences if it is poorly managed, how should nuclear energy be regulated within the EU?


Nationalist Earthquakes: With the surge of radical-right movements in European countries and radical right governments making moves which limit freedom of press, minority rights, and the rule of law, how can the EU sustain democracy and protect its core values whilst also respecting the will of voters and the sovereignty of Member States?

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