Barcelona 2023

Regional Selection Conference of EYP España

Thu, 23 Feb. 2023 – Sun, 26 Feb. 2023



Cast Your Thought: Due to their underrepresentation in both national and EU institutions, young people continue to be at the margin of European politics. What steps can the EU take to strengthen the voice of young people in political debates and EU decision-making?


Partners for Peace: As Europe's closest neighbour and sister continent, Africa, has always been a geopolitical priority for the EU. In line with the Africa-EU Partnership, how should the EU cooperate with African countries to promote peace, economic prosperity and political stability in the region?


Compassion and Conflict: Since the beginning of the Russo-Ukrainian War, almost 8 million Ukrainian refugees have been recorded across Europe. With this number expected to rise even further, how can the EU safeguard every refugee’s rights, whilst also ensuring that the responsibility is shared among Member States?


Bit by Bit: Whilst cryptocurrencies have become globally widespread, their use continues to be controversial and not without risk. Bearing in mind recent efforts to harmonise bitcoin regulations across Member States, what measures should the EU take to ensure the safe integration of cryptocurrencies into the European economy?


Forgotten After Applause: The COVID-19 Pandemic has exposed the vulnerability of the European healthcare sector. Bearing in mind the shortage of hospital workers and the precarious working conditions they are subjected to, what steps should the EU take in order to ensure the welfare of its healthcare professionals across Member States?


Conquering the Night: Since the end of the COVID-19 Pandemic, there has been an alarming increase in cases of ‘spiking’ in bars and nightclubs in European countries. In order to protect millions of women across Europe, what steps can the EU take to assist Member States in ensuring a safe environment for young people at night?


High Stakes: With about half of start-ups failing to become viable in their first five years, longstanding challenges to European entrepreneurs are largely the result of scarce capital and barriers caused by legislative fragmentation. Amidst a worsening economic climate, what steps can the EU take to support its Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises across Member States?


Nationalist Earthquakes: With the surge of far-right movements in European countries such as Poland and Hungary posing threats against freedom of press, minority rights and the rule of law, how can the EU sustain democracy and protect its core values whilst also respecting the will of voters and the sovereignty of Member States?


RV There Yet? With the transportation sector responsible for about a quarter of Europe's total CO2 emissions, the EU aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport by 90% in 2050. Taking this goal into account, what measures can the EU take to ensure more sustainable transportation across Member States?

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