Warszawa 2022

Regional Selection Conference of EYP Poland

Fri, 9 Dec. 2022 – Mon, 12 Dec. 2022



What the future holds: In 2017, the European Commission presented the public with five integration scenarios concerning the future of the EU. However, recent events such as the rise of nationalist parties, for example in the Italian elections, have proven to be a major challenge for future European integration. Considering the Commission's previously mentioned work covers the time until 2025 and democratic backsliding already happening today, what strategy should the EU pursue to ensure the long-term stability and advancement of the Union?


A bright AIdea: Bearing in mind the European Commission’s proposal on harmonising rules on Artificial Intelligence in the AI Act, how should Member States prepare their citizens for adapting to new developments in Artificial Intelligence, simultaneously ensuring their freedom and privacy, while increasing security and safety within the Union?


Free for all: The recent interest by several Member States in implementing a universal basic income has sparked a discussion about Europe's future welfare programs. What new approaches should the EU use to increase the welfare of citizens and reduce the rate of poverty?


Avoiding Reality: Many European regulators are alarmed about criminals increasingly using cryptocurrencies for unlawful activities such as money laundering, financing terrorists, or tax evasion. Even though the full scale of misuse of virtual currencies is unknown, their market value has been reported to exceed seven billion euros worldwide. How can the EU fight illegal activities related to cryptocurrencies while safeguarding the economic freedom of its citizens?


Let them eat cake: Inflation has created areas of Europe in which especially healthy food is too expensive for a large part of the population. Food deserts restricting access to fresh food exacerbate problems, disproportionately affecting vulnerable groups. Most attempts for a solution are restricted to local efforts, but what steps can the EU take to ensure that access to food is both sustainable and equitable for all its citizens?


​​You don't own me: Considering continued efforts to restrict access to abortions, as well as rising right-wing tendencies in several European states, what steps should the EU take in order to ensure sexual and reproductive rights for all?

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