Salo 2022

Salo 2022 - Regional Session of EYP Finland

Thu, 17 Nov. 2022 – Sun, 20 Nov. 2022



Too Much Waste: It is estimated that around 20% of the food produced in the EU is wasted, while 36.2 million people are suffering from not being able to afford a meal every other day. Which steps should the EU take to reduce food waste and grant its citizens access to nutritious food?


Perpetually Excluded: While the EU has put forward several policies to tackle anti-Roma discrimination, Roma people still continue to face social exclusion and discrimination at all levels of society. What can the EU and its Member States do to further support the integration of the Roma?


Take Me Home: With housing prices going up by 42% in the past decade and 83 million Europeans overburdened by housing costs, Europe is becoming a continent of renters. What steps can the EU take to ensure affordable housing and protect tenants across the continent?


That’s So Fetch: Research points towards fast fashion as one of the most polluting industries worldwide. With a growing tendency and a rise of fast fashion practices contributing to pollution and unsafe labour conditions, how can the EU foster the development of a more sustainable fashion industry?


Survival Is the Exception: According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, there are currently 1677 European species that are in danger of extinction with factors such as climate change, habitat loss and unsustainable agriculture causing a loss of biodiversity. What can the EU do to safeguard its endangered species and biodiversity?


Who Run the World?: While there have been recent developments towards gender equality in sports, there is still a gender pay gap in the industry as well as an overall lack of female participation and representation. How can the EU and its Member States continue working toward achieving gender equality in sports?


United We Stand: While border regions play a key role in European integration as they are hot spots for cross-border interactions, their peculiar characteristics bring about a series of difficulties. What can the EU do to improve cross-border interactions and strengthen the social and economic development of border regions?


Oh My God I'm Totally Buggin’: While digitalisation in the EU has brought many opportunities, it has made the union and its citizens subject to an increasing amount of cyberthreats and criminal activity within cyberspace. How can the EU, in cooperation with other actors, strengthen its response to cyberthreats and cybercrime?

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