Hradec Kralove 2022

11th Regional Selection Conference of EYP CZ

Fri, 11 Nov. 2022 – Sun, 13 Nov. 2022



Europe's broken promise: Both the Arab Spring and the war in Ukraine have resulted in large numbers of refugees. However, a lack of cooperation and coordination among Member States is causing problems in the treatment and integration of displaced people arriving in the EU. How can the EU and its Member States work together to ensure that their commitment to the Geneva Refugee Convention is fulfilled in the coming decades?


Slave to fashion: The fashion industry is plagued with labour exploitation throughout its entire supply chain, making it the second biggest contributor to modern slavery. Bearing in mind the complex and international nature of clothing manufacturing, what approach should the EU take to combat modern slavery?


Stop pestering me: Global warming has caused the habitats of many disease carriers to shift, allowing potentially deadly tropical diseases to spread to Europe. While keeping in mind the need for sustainable, eco-friendly solutions to this problem, what measures should the EU take to tackle the spread of novel diseases and maintain public health?


My body, my choice: The recent overturning of Roe v. Wade has added the United States to the list of countries both within and outside the EU, in which reproductive rights are under severe attack. With this in mind, how can the EU work on the international stage to help protect reproductive rights across the globe, whilst still respecting domestic legal systems and cultural values?


The Coldest War: Whilst the EU and several other members of the Arctic Council have suspended their cooperation with Russia, melting ice is currently opening new trade routes and possibilities for natural resource-exploitation, threatening the stability of the Arctic region. What steps should the EU take in order to preserve peace in the Arctic?


Partners in crime: The EU is currently Africa’s biggest trading partner, with nearly half of all African exports to Europe consisting of natural resources. In light of allegations that European companies engage in unfair and unethical practices when exploiting Africa’s natural resources, what steps should the EU take to ensure an equal and mutually beneficial trade partnership with Africa?


Sustainable and Secure Transitions: As a reaction to Western sanctions, Russia has reduced and partially cut off gas deliveries to Europe, prompting an energy crisis with European gas prices as much as doubling in 2022. Faced with this urgent need for greater energy independence, how can the EU and its Member States ensure that the transition to alternate energy sources is both environmentally and economically sustainable?


Sevens seas: While maritime piracy has significantly declined at the global scale since its peak in 2010, attacks are on the rise in regions such as South East Asia and the Gulf of Guinea, which saw a record number of 130 kidnappings in 2020. With the EU Maritime Security Strategy (EUMSS) due to be updated in the second half of 2022, how should the EU support regional authorities in ensuring security at sea?

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