Oslo 2022

20th National Selection Conference of EYP Norway

Mon, 12 Sept. 2022 – Fri, 16 Sept. 2022



Democracy, not a spectator sport: The voting turnout of the European youth is consistently lower than other age groups, exemplified by only 42% of those aged 18-24 participating in the European elections, and similar tendencies detected in regional and national Norwegian elections. What strategy should European countries follow to increase civic participation amongst the youth, reduce their apathy towards politics and voting, and ensure trust in political parties, taking into account the ideological and socio-economical lack of representation?


Why the jailbird sings: Across the European continent, incarceration rates are high, reaching 325 prisoners per 100,000 inhabitants in countries such as Türkiye and Russia. Considering the threat posed by overcrowding to the mental and physical wellbeing of prisoners and staff alike, what can governments do to address the overcrowding issues leading to human rights violations in European prisons?


Looking beyond the shore: With the EU aiming to have a carbon-free economy by 2050 and the ongoing energy crisis, European countries are looking into new renewable energy sources. As it is estimated that wave energy could cover almost 10% of Europe’s energy needs, how can European countries further boost research and fully harness its potential, whilst protecting biodiversity?


Scared to be lonely: With 14% of the young Nordic population frequently feeling lonely, which is well above the EU average of 9%, what steps can European governments take to combat loneliness and best support the mental health needs and emotional wellbeing of their youth?


Not all wounds are visible: With an alarming mental health paradigm amongst immigrant and refugee populations, what steps can European countries take to improve the emotional and mental welfare of its migrant population as well as their access to mental healthcare support, while taking their diverse background and trauma into account?


Boys cry too: With a recent shift in discourse surrounding gender roles, there comes the need for good role models for expression and performance of masculinity. How can European governments best support their population in creating a healthy, supportive environment for all individuals to thrive in?


Trouble in tax heaven: With the leak of the Panama Papers revealing the extent to which tax havens allow wealthy individuals and profitable corporations to avoid taxation, how can European countries best limit the impact of these operations to foster financially just and equal societies?


Have (no) kids they said, it’ll be fun they said: With the average number of children per child-bearing person in the EU falling to just 1.5 in 2020, European countries risk a future working-age population too small to maintain current levels of public spending on social policy. How can European governments address the consequences of a declining fertility rate and ageing population?

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