Basel 2022

26th National Selection Conference of EYP Switzerland

Fri, 2 Sept. 2022 – Tue, 6 Sept. 2022



Having a say: The impact and visibility of the European Parliament remains limited, which undermines the democratic legitimacy of the EU. How should the European Union increase the citizens’ political participation at the EU-level?


Improving media literacy: From Covid to the war in Ukraine, disinformation has proven to be damaging to society. While keeping in mind that recent findings suggest that there is no legal basis for a uniform media ownership regulatory framework, how can the EU reduce the spread of Fake News through education?


Living in a bacterial world: According to the World Health Organization, antibiotics resistance is one of the top ten “global public health threats” with an increasing amount of people dying annually because of this resistance. How should the EU prevent the further increase of antimicrobial resistance?


Building Biodiversity: Europe‘s biodiversity is under threat while our population is becoming increasingly urban. How can Europe use its cities to protect its biodiversity?


Yet Another Glass Ceiling: The medical field has long treated all genders as if they were male which has been associated with mistreatment and wrong diagnoses. Considering that there are biological differences in symptoms and treatment, how can the EU reduce medical mistakes and create equity for all its citizens?


Integration of women: Immigrant women are the most vulnerable migrants and are disadvantaged in terms of employment especially after Covid. How can the EU flatten out the gender inequalities in the integration process while keeping in mind the intersectionality with differences between women based on personal characteristics?


How to Buy Influence (Fast): The mounting influence attempts by the Chinese Communist Party and the breaking of trade relations between Lithuania and China after the opening of a Taiwanese representative’s office, are endangering liberties of EU citizens and its Member States. How can the EU assure the freedom of speech of its citizens and sovereignty of its Member States while balancing trade relations with China?


Power play: The Trans-European Networks for Energy (TEN-E) regulation coordinates the ongoing harmonisation of Europeʼs energy infrastructure. Considering Europeʼs current dependency on Russian gas exports, how can the EU ensure energy security in the future?


The nuclear code: Earlier this year, the European Commission proposed designating nuclear as “green”. In light of some Member States' significant reliance on nuclear energy, which approach should the EU take towards nuclear energy?


This should be a joint decision: With countries such as Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands looking into legalising cannabis, the societal debate on cannabis usage is back on the agenda in Europe. What stance should the EU take towards the usage, selling, and production of cannabis?


Running up that Hill: Mountainous regions cover around 30% of the EU's territory and are united in their specific vulnerabilities to climate change. While keeping in mind the need for economic development, how can the EU support the ecosystem of its mountainous regions?


Blood money: Countries such as Germany, France, or Switzerland are major arms exporters, often trading with governments regularly violating international law or human rights. Taking into account the aforementioned economic interests, what steps can the EU take to ensure no European weapons fall into the wrong hands?

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