Luxembourg 2022

9th National Selection Conference of EYP Luxembourg

Thu, 1 Sept. 2022 – Sun, 4 Sept. 2022



This time for real: Russia's invasion of Ukraine has once again raised attention for questions surrounding prospective EU accession of (potential) candidate countries and has propelled Ukraine into the limelight as a prospective future Member State. Given the outcomes of previous enlargements and bearing in mind the specific circumstances of current (potential) candidates, what approach should the EU take to further enlargement?


Read all about it: With literacy rates declining across Europe, what steps can the EU take to ensure adequate literacy is reached and maintained upon education completion, particularly when considering the strong relationship between low literacy and poverty?


Social equality and non-discrimination against minorities: With Roma people still being the most discriminated minority in Europe, how should the EU build on its Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies to guarantee social and economic equality, access to public services, non-discrimination and societal integration of the Roma people?


Hit the road Jack: In search of a better life and opportunities, young and highly educated people are driven to urban European centres, leaving several regions behind. How can the EU support Member States in halting brain drain and preserving regional vitality in times of urbanisation?


Risk or opportunity: With sharing economy enterprises such as Uber and Airbnb becoming a mainstay in the contemporary economy, how can the EU and its Member States regulate the growth of these enterprises in order to prevent issues of competition, tax avoidance and -evasion, and labour law circumvention, whilst profiting from the innovative potential and flexibility of the sharing economy?


Sting like a bee: With the ongoing conflict in Eastern Ukraine escalating as a result of Russian aggression, new discussions are being had about European defence cooperation. What stance should the EU have when it comes to further defensive cooperation, particularly when considering currently existing structures such as NATO?

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