Iberian Forum 2022

Iberian Forum 2022 - International Forum of EYP Portugal-Spain

Mon, 15 Aug. 2022 – Sun, 21 Aug. 2022



Hey Roomba...: With the increased role of Artificial Intelligence in the private and public sector, how should the EU support frameworks in experimentation and sandboxing for AI systems designed for offering governmental services to citizens across the union?


Back to the Future: With historical memory serving as a positive tool in building resilience against modern threats to democracy, how can the EU foster a shared historical identity, while considering the complexity of Member States’ respective pasts and their susceptibility to political instrumentalization?


As Developed as our Poorest Partner: With inequality increasing worldwide in the last decade, how can the EU act on its commitment to "addressing the needs of those furthest behind, first" by providing sustainable development frameworks for its least developed partners around the globe?


Born Rich: With the COVID-19 crisis exacerbating wealth inequality within several countries, what steps should the EU take in devising fair and equitable taxation schemes across Member States?


No free lunch?: With growing pleas to ban unpaid internships across Member States, what steps should the EU take in developing a common legal framework to ensure fair working conditions and equal opportunities for everyone seeking an internship, while taking employers’ needs into account?


Drag Reduction System: With the rising popularity of motorsports, and Formula 1 in particular, across the world, how can the EU cooperate with these motorsports' industries in the interest of green transition and application of sustainable racing technology in passenger and commercial vehicles?


Mowing the Law(n): With the EU's pioneering role in nature and biodiversity preservation, how should the EU updated its outdated nature conservation laws, by specifying the role of ecological corridors in nature preservation across Member States?


Fast but not Furious: With the current lack of progress in the creation of an envisioned European High-Speed Rail Network, what steps can the EU take to coordinate and accelerate the expansion of necessary and coherent cross-border High-Speed Infrastructure between Member States?

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