Prizren 2022

1st National Forum of EYP Kosovo Initiative

Tue, 2 Aug. 2022 – Sat, 5 Aug. 2023



Open doors: Despite a lot of reform efforts from (potential) candidate countries, the Western Balkans is in a long waiting line for EU membership. How should the EU contribute to the development of the rule of law and good governance in the Western Balkans on the countries’ path toward EU membership?


From Byzantine to modern times: Despite being home to four UNESCO heritage sites and receiving a positive recommendation of admittance, Kosovo did not become a member of the organisation after failing to obtain the necessary majority to join it. How can the cultural heritage of Kosovo be protected despite their current membership status?


Support your local workers: The wide migration of highly skilled Kosovar workers mainly to EU countries, in order to seek better employment and living conditions, known as brain drain, is hindering the economic and social development of the region. How can the EU support the Kosovo government in ensuring adequate employment opportunities across the country?


Misinformation that costs lives: While the COVID-19 pandemic has made it more apparent than ever that widespread vaccination is the most efficient way to control infectious diseases, a growing number of citizens reject vaccines. What can global and national institutions do to promote the fair distribution of vaccines among all countries, as well as to fight disinformation regarding their inoculation?


Breaking the taboo to save lives: The effects of the pandemic and lack of professional opportunities, among others, are just some of the reasons for the rise in mental health issues in young people. How can governments help to reduce the stigmatisation around mental health problems, while efficiently implementing programmes to make mental health services more accessible?


Truth hurts: Following the adoption of the EU Directive on Whistleblower Protection in 2019, currently, 10 out of 27 EU Member States adopted whistleblower protection laws. In addition to the directive, how can the European Commission, in cooperation with Member States, better ensure the protection of whistleblowers while contributing to greater transparency and rule of law?

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