Dauntless 2022

Digital Session of EYP Ukraine

Sat, 16 July 2022 – Sun, 17 July 2022



Major bag alert?: As income and wealth inequality continue to grow, universal basic income has been brought up as a possible solution to eradicate these issues. Keeping the need for labor and potential costs in mind, what stance and actions should the EU to reinforce the idea of a universal basic income?


The mental matters: Keeping in mind that eating disorders have a 20% fatality rate due to their high correlation with mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression, what measures should the EU take to promote better mental health amongst its citizens?


#mybodynotyourchoice: Recently, Poland and Hungary have banned abortions and taken away crucial womens rights, criminalizing reproductive rights. With women's freedom being threatened, what can the EU do to protect women's rights whilst respecting Members States’ regulations?


Collect them like monopoly: Through the Green Deal, the EU has gathered the Member States under a non-binding set of goals to reach carbon-neutrality by 2050. Although progress has been observed, some Member States choose to not follow the set of guidelines posted by the EU.Considering the ongoing climate crisis, how can the EU increase Member States’ participation in the Green Deal whilst respecting their sovereignty?


An offer you can’t refuse: Since the founding of the EU, the EU has actively been fighting corruption with preventive actions, confiscation and international cooperation. However, to this day, more than three quarters of EU citizens believe that corruption is widespread in their home country. Considering this, what measures should the EU take to ensure more transparency over prosecution in the juridical sector in the following years?


Building a new base: The European Alliance of Cities and Regions has recently been launched to coordinate joint efforts directed towards helping the recovery and reconstruction of Ukraine. Considering the need for an inclusive approach and resources, in what ways can the EU support the restorations within Ukraine?


Rust and Stardust: Considering that about 30,350 space debris objects have been tracked and are presenting a hazard to space travel and research, how should the EU approach and solve the space debris hazard?

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