FSF 2022

Future Strategies Forum Magdeburg 2022

Wed, 22 June 2022 – Wed, 29 June 2022



The recent EU-AU Summit 2022 had a strong emphasis on climate change, with a proposal from Ursula von der Leyen for an “African Green Deal” which would be significantly supported by the EU. With the global fight against climate change criticised for being dominated by the Global North, how should the EU continue its efforts for African sustainable development without ignoring the needs and circumstances of the continent?


Despite recognising the irreversible negative environmental effects of soil sealing, the EU gravely missed its 2020 policy targets for soil condition and land take. With the preservation of healthy soil being crucial for climate change adaptation, agricultural production, and food security, how should the EU change course on its land management?


As the use of artificial intelligence (AI) by law enforcement becomes more and more common in the EU, the misuse of this tool becomes a growing concern. What should the EU do to ensure that AI is not used as a means to further social inequality and injustice against minorities?


The COVID-19 pandemic saw workers further challenge the sense of the current working hours, as some scientists now equate shorter working hours with more productivity. How could Member States reform the current working week with the aim of improving work conditions for everyone while maintaining productivity?


Modern society is heavily dependent on digital platforms, but the regulation and oversight of social media companies and other relevant transnational enterprises are still undefined. What should the EU do to ensure a safe, reliable, and transparent digital space and is the creation of a European Digital Public Sphere the answer?


The war in Ukraine has shifted the importance of defence and security questions in Europe. Considering the EU’s close partnership with the transformation-prone NATO and the rise in unity on defence questions, what should the EU’s future in this field look like?

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