Antwerp 2022

28th National Selection Conference of EYP Belgium

Tue, 3 May 2022 – Fri, 6 May 2022



Born this way – All Member States offer sexuality education in school, but the quality and topics covered in the curricula vary greatly, leading to different levels of preparedness to face sexual health issues. Emphasising the importance of inclusivity, what can the EU do to modernise sexual education across the Union?


Got to be real – A major phenomenon slowing down the development of a sustainable economy in the EU is greenwashing, which falsely directs customers and investors to market actors that are not as sustainable as they portray. Keeping in mind the overall objective of the EU to reach climate neutrality by 2050, what should the Union's strategy be for achieving an honest green economy?


Electric feel – With the detrimental impact of the current energy crisis on the European economy, the need for a more affordable supply of gas is apparent. What steps could Member States take to develop a new economic strategy that provides more affordable prices and that allows citizens and in turn, the economy to steadily grow out of the COVID-19- induced energy crisis?


Run the world – Even though the EU has seen progress in ending the Gender Pay Gap in recent years, there has been little focus in tackling some of the issues at source, namely the differences in labour market participation rates, time and effort spent taking care of households and horizontal segregation. Bearing in mind the connection between these gendered issues, how should the EU go about furthering gender equality in years to come?


Video Games Killed the Radio Star – The video game industry has overtaken film as the largest entertainment industry in the world, with 2.9 billion gamers globally, and with this boom comes the growth of randomised in-game purchases and excessive monetisation. What can Europe do to protect both children and adults from abusive and addictive mechanics which blur the lines between gambling and gaming?


Wanna be on top – The fashion industry is one of the most prejudicial sectors to the environment, having 2–10% of the EU’s environmental impact attributed to it. With the 2020-adopted Circular Economy Package in mind, how can the EU ensure that companies are developing towards a competitive yet resource-efficient future for the fashion industry in Europe?


Oops... I did it again – The lack of protection for intellectual property rights in the fashion industry has become increasingly more relevant in recent years, due to its impact on fast fashion and cultural appropriation cases, such as Max Mara with the traditional garments of Laos's Oma people. How can the EU protect the ideas of its small designers and the Cultural Intellectual Property of its people, whilst upholding a competitive market environment?


New Rules – Despite the fact that the right to a fair trial is fundamental to the rule of law and democracy, the limitation of access to case files in several European countries has hindered this right in judicial proceedings. What steps can the EU take to effectively tackle the limitations to the right of a fair trial and access to information?


Material girl – During the last decade, housing prices in some major European cities, like Berlin, have more than doubled, leading to noticeable changes in the socio-economic composition of neighbourhoods. With gentrification quickly taking a significant role in urban development policy considerations, what novel action can the EU take to help further tackle this problem?

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