Odense 2022

5th National Conference of EYP Denmark

Thu, 14 April 2022 – Mon, 18 April 2022



Walking on sunshine: With the recently published Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s assessment report indicating the worsening impact of climate change, measures to limit and reverse the current trend are needed more than ever. Considering the barriers to adaptation, what approach should the EU take in ensuring and encouraging climate-resilient development?


Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride: Despite approximately one in six European citizens aged 15 and over having a disability, merely 50.6% of them are employed. Taking into account the inclusivity and accessibility practices unveiled during the COVID-19 pandemic, how can the EU create further employment opportunities for people with disabilities, while ensuring accessible work environments?


My body my choice: With the list of countries opting for the neo-abolitionist model of prostitution across Europe extending, sex workers are being stripped away from their right to a private life while facing increasing violence and danger. Keeping in mind the asymmetry in prostitution regulations across the EU, how can the Member States conserve and uphold sex workers’ rights?


We’re all in this together: Regardless of the legal protection the EU law proposes for the LGBTQIA+ citizens, more than 40% of those who are open about their sexual orientation and gender identity still face active discrimination and harassment across the EU. What stance should the EU take in tackling public hostility and discrimination against its LGBTQIA+ citizens?


Euphoria: Whereas more and more European countries are taking steps toward decriminalisation of drug possession in low quantities for recreational purposes, supply and possession of drugs for medical applications predominantly remain regulated by the national authorities. What further steps should the EU take regarding decriminalisation of drug possession, bearing in mind its potential impact on the medical field?

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