ISS IHGR Gothenburg 2022

IHGR In-school session Gothenburg 2022

Tue, 5 April 2022 – Wed, 6 April 2022

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With more than 370 million indigenous-identified people facing disparities such as land grabbing and state-based discrimination, how can the EU ensure a wider respect of their fundamental social rights from public and private entities?


Across the EU LGBTQ+ people still face discrimination and harassment. What steps can the EU take to ensure equal rights for all their citizens, regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity?


Taking into consideration the difficulties towards recognising the refugees’ educational and vocational qualifications, how can the Member States achieve appropriate integration of these populations in the workforce and social life in general?


An increase in Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) across many hospitals has reduced the number of cures to certain infections. As the Global Action Plan on AMR came to an end in 2016, what further steps should the EU take to minimise the threats associated with the growing prevalence of AMR and to halt its expansion?


The high influx of refugees into the European Union (EU), following the ongoing refugee crisis, has left many of them pending in the process of applying for asylum. How should authorities handle the vast number of applications, and ensure that the selection process is justifiable both humanitarianly and economically?


Apropos the decision of the United States of America (USA), in May 2018, to withdraw from its nuclear agreement with Iran (The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action), the discussion on nuclear possessions in the Middle East has once again intensified. How should the European Union (EU) act to counterwork the potential threat of a nuclear arms race in the world?


Over recent years there has been an increased number of terror attacks in European Union (EU) member states. London, Paris, and Berlin are merely a few of the cities that have been targeted and attacked by terrorist organisations. What steps should the EU take to protect itself from future attacks, and to ensure that its citizens feel safe and protected?

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