Baku 2022

Genesis - 8th National Selection Session of EYP Azerbaijan

Wed, 23 March 2022 – Sun, 27 March 2022



Recent developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI), have led to breakthroughs in spheres like healthcare, education and entertainment. However, the convergence of data-driven AI and the global data-processing infrastructure poses a risk to citizens. AI has the potential to both promote and jeopardise not only the fundamental rights to privacy and data protection, but also other European Charter rights such as dignity, freedom of opinion, conscience, and religion. How can the EU ensure that AI is exclusively used for civil purposes without the violation of human rights?


47,000 females were killed by their intimate partners or other family members in 2020: on average, a woman or girl is killed by someone in her own family every 11 minutes. Considering current national and international trends in gender-related killings and the fact that COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the situation, what preventive measures should the EU take to ensure the compliance with basic human rights such as right to life, liberty and personal security?


As the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan, the takeover resulted in tens of thousands of Afghans fleeing the country by taking desperate/extreme measures. With the EU already hosting 2 million Afghan refugees, how can the Member States further support exiled citizens?


In light of staggering youth unemployment, many young people have chosen to start their own enterprises despite financial and bureaucratic challenges. How can the EU support entrepreneurship amongst young people in the current economic and political climate?


Around 88 million tons of food is lost and wasted in the European Union yearly, majorly by the household with 53%. With the European Parliament’s intentions to cut food waste by 50%, what steps can be taken to achieve the goal by 2030?


Loneliness is being increasingly recognised as a public health concern due to its detrimental effects on individual wellbeing and social cohesion. According to the European Commission Joint Research Center (JRC) report in 2020, 20% of Europeans experience social isolation. In this regard, what steps should the EU take to combat loneliness?


According to a 2018 Eurobarometer survey, 37% of Europeans come across fake news every day. It has become more evident than ever that fake news and disinformation on social media. The media has a significant impact on people's perception of current events. What steps should the EU take to help Member States battle fake online information without compromising freedom of expression?


Given the ongoing fear of supply disruption, prices for oil rose above $100 per barrel for the first time since 2014. With Russia being the biggest importer of the crude oil (26.9% in 2019), natural gas (41.1% in 2019) and solid fuel (46.7% in 2019) of the EU, what could be done to ensure the stability of the EU’s energy supply?

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