Maastricht 2022

Regional Selection Conference of EYP the Netherlands

Fri, 14 Jan. 2022 – Sun, 16 Jan. 2022



Bless the trade down in Africa: The EU is Africa’s largest trading partner, with the EU trading EUR 225 billion worth of goods in 2020 with the continent. Bearing in mind the adverse history between the continents, the effects of which are still being felt, what should the EU do to improve relations and boost equitable trade with Africa?


Honey, I’m not home!: Europe is a growing and attractive continent, but this also has its downsides. Rent and housing prices in the EU have risen by 16% and 34% respectively since 2010. Considering the needs of students and locals, what stance should Member States adopt towards housing market intervention to ensure access to affordable homes in urban areas for their citizens?


Sink or swim: Highlighting the correlation between air pollution and extreme weather phenomena, the severe floodings experienced in Western Europe in 2021 are a natural consequence of the 2.54 billion metric tonnes of carbon dioxide the EU emits annually. What steps should the EU take to prepare for more frequent flooding?


Are you a STEMinist?: Regardless of long-standing ambitions for increased involvement of women in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) occupation field, they still only account for 36% of graduates in the sector in the EU. Considering the importance of both societal and policy actions, how can the EU ensure gender equality and representation in STEM jobs?


One small step for Europe: The USA currently spends almost six times as much on space research and exploration as the EU does, not to mention private investment from companies like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic. Acknowledging how space is becoming an ever more critical geopolitical theatre, what should the EU do to ensure it is not left behind in the new space race?


I was like Watt: With the EU aiming to increase renewable energy production in its European Green Deal framework to respond to the climate crisis, it has proved challenging to achieve this without giving thorough consideration for energy security. What can the EU do to ensure stable energy generation, transmission, and distribution while balancing renewable energy and energy security goals?


Who rules the world? Law! – In light of Poland and Hungary vetoing the NextGenerationEU recovery plan in 2020, debates about the connection between the rule of law mechanism schemes in the plan and the conflicts with their governments not acting according to democratic European values have been brought up. How should the EU protect the integrity of the EU’s Justice System and the rule of law across Member States?

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