Mikkeli 2021

Autumn Regional Selection Conference of EYP Finland

Thu, 25 Nov. 2021 – Sun, 28 Nov. 2021



Locked Rights: With 29.7% of EU prisons being overcrowded, inmates' physical and mental health issues are at stake. How should the EU ensure Member States combat the risk of inhumane treatment while improving prison health and guaranteeing prisoners' right to adequate healthcare?


Terms and Conditions May Apply: Whereas technological advances increase the opportunities for EU citizens to monitor their own health, privacy rules and regulations make it difficult for medical workers to communicate personal data with their colleagues efficiently. How can the Union maximise the positive returns of e-health while upholding the right to privacy?


Reproductive Rights: Although sexual and reproductive healthcare was recently declared a fundamental pillar of women’s rights, levels of access to this right vary drastically between the Member States. What steps can the EU take to ensure all citizens have equal and easy access to the reproductive support they require?


Women at Risk: With 33% of women in 2014 having experienced either physical or sexual violence across the EU, the safety and well being of women is at risk. What steps should the EU and its Member States take to reduce the levels of physical and sexual violence women face to ensure their safety?


Big Fish Little Fish: Over the four decades, there has been a decrease of 39% recorded in marine species worldwide. Bearing in mind that 88% of European fish stocks are currently overfished, how can the EU opt for a more sustainable fishing industry while maintaining its economic viability?


Death of the High Street: 73% of EU internet users did online shopping in 2020, and this trend is rapidly increasing, further aided by the pandemic. With more and more consumers opting out from town centres and the closure of local shops increasing every year, what steps should the EU take to encourage people to buy local and keep town centres vibrant and healthy, given its benefits and limitations?

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