Borås 2021

10th Western Regional Session of EYP Sweden

Fri, 19 Nov. 2021 – Sun, 21 Nov. 2021



White Knights in Shining Armor: A rising number of Europeans travel to African countries to volunteer in orphanages. However, those volunteers predominantly support a broken structure which is destructive to those they want to help. What can the EU and Member States do to rethink and improve the help their citizens want to provide?


Shop until they drop: The global clothing industry is worth trillions of euros, but there are rampant human rights’ abuses in the supply chain, such as long working hours and unsafe working conditions. How can the EU work to eradicate these abuses, which predominantly harm women and workers in non-EU countries?


In 2019, 16,6% of elderly Europeans faced poverty in their retirement and the numbers are increasing. What can Member States do to support their elderly population who live in poverty and prevent the poverty trend all together?


Independence Everyday: The global health crisis has highlighted precarity of the gig economy. How can the EU adapt to the flexible modern economy whilst ensuring workers' rights and job security are protected?


Our bodies, our choices: In October 2020, thousands of European citizens took to the streets to demonstrate in support of the Polish women after their Constitutional Court ruled a new draconian law against abortions. Today, representatives of different political groups and members of civil society across Europe continue to advocate in favour of women's rights. How can the EU protect the rights of its citizens and Polish women in particular and ensure safe abortion practices for everyone?

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