Malmö 2021

11th Southern Regional Session of EYP Sweden

Fri, 12 Nov. 2021 – Sun, 14 Nov. 2021



Call for Participation: With voter turnout in decline with each European Parliament election term, strategies to encourage participation such as e-voting, following the example of Estonia, have been under discussion as a way to make the procedure easier and more accessible. How can the e-voting system and similar technologies be used to encourage more political participation?


The New Age of Old Age: With the average age of the EU population being estimated to increase to 49 years old by 2050, the consequences of the ageing population put the future of the EU at risk, with the workforce shrinking and the demand for health and social care increasing. What steps can the EU take in order to overcome the economic and social challenges this demographic change is causing?


Diversity in Dialogue: The Nordic Member States are the home of Europe's largest indigenous population, yet the first-ever framework on the protection of indigenous rights was only introduced in late 2018. With pressing challenges such as climate change and preservation of indigenous languages, how can the EU ensure that the rights of the indigenous communities in their territories are upheld and they are included in the conversation?


The Burnout Generation: The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that one in four adults will experience work-related burnout at some point in their lives. How can healthier and sustainable work environments be created in Europe?


Equality in the Digital Space: With 8 out of 10 ICT jobs being occupied by men and only 63% of women expressing digital and tech confidence, digital space becomes another dimension where gender inequality reproduces. What steps can the EU take to encourage the presence of more women in STEM fields?

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