Třebíč 2021

10th Regional Selection Conference of EYP CZ Třebíč 2021

Fri, 12 Nov. 2021 – Sun, 14 Nov. 2021

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A Meal Too Expensive: The European Union’s food production system is responsible for around 30% of its greenhouse gas emissions due to energy mismanagement and land waste. How can the EU lessen these environmental impacts while continuing to ensure food security for all citizens?


HealthEquity: With the severe disparities highlighted in the healthcare system, the LGBTQI community is disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 virus. How can the EU ensure better and more equitable access to healthcare?


#ForestFires: In 2018, the number of forest fires within the EU reached an all-time high, taking 102 lives in Greece alone. Building on existing measures, how can the EU assist the Member States in preventing and responding to such fires in the future?


#QuestionOfDignity: In 2020, the Scottish Parliament passed a landmark law, making female hygiene products available free of charge. Faced with reports that up to ten percent of girls in the EU cannot afford these products, how should the EU combat the issue of period poverty?


#HousingCrisis: As the housing prices in the EU rose 5.5% during last year, more and more people find themself being driven out of the cities or living in deplorable conditions. Keeping in mind its sustainability pledges, what actions should the EU take to maintain access to affordable, social housing?


#Into a better future: In its ‘Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy’, the European Commission aims to make the EU transport sector nearly emission-free by 2050. Taking into account that, in 2017, the transport sector still caused more than a quarter of the EU’s total greenhouse emissions, what further steps can the EU take to achieve this goal of making transportation more sustainable?

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