Lier 2021

Regional Conference of EYP Belgium

Wed, 10 Nov. 2021 – Fri, 12 Nov. 2021



Edugaytion – Hungary recently passed a law, which bans talking about LGBTQ+ issues at school, reflecting the general taboo status of sexuality in some parts of the EU. Considering the implications of the lack of sexuality education on the mental health and safety of LGBTQ+ youth, what measures can be taken to ensure that young people in every Member State receive equal health and sexuality education?


Unemployees – Non-discrimination laws regarding people with disabilities in workplaces differ significantly between Member States. With mental disabilities being particularly neglected, what steps should be taken to raise awareness and create more equal employment opportunities for people with mental disabilities in the Union?


Smog no! – According to the European Environment Agency, air pollution levels remain too high in most Member States, posing the single most significant environmental health risk. What measures should the EU take to minimise the pollution level discrepancies between countries and the potential effects on human health?


Colour blindness – With only 15 of 27 Member States having dedicated action plans to combat racism, racial prejudices remain a common issue in the EU, yet invisible in many statistics. What course of action should the EU consider to prevent and combat racism, both institutional and structural.

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