Luxembourg 2021

8th National Selection Conference of EYP Luxembourg

Mon, 1 Nov. 2021 – Thu, 4 Nov. 2021



Keeping our feet dry: This year’s floods in Western Europe have shown that flooding rivers are a serious threat to the public. As global temperatures increase, the risk of extreme flooded cities increases with it. What should the EU do to make its cities resilient against flooding rivers?


To bee or not to bee: Wild bees are crucial for Europe's biodiversity, but they are increasingly threatened. As the EU hopes to increase biodiversity through the introduction of the Green Deal, how can it ensure that this new legislation will improve the situation of the wild pollinators?


Unleash the full potential of the agri-food sector: 26 European countries have recently signed the Declaration on Cooperation on Smart and Sustainable Digital Future for European Agriculture and Rural Areas. With AI having the potential to innovate the agri-food sector, what further steps can the EU take to achieve sustainable farming whilst still protecting local farming traditions?


My body, my choice?: With the Polish government’s decision in January 2021 to further restrict access to legal abortion, the stark disparities between women’s reproductive rights across Member States have been brought to light. What further steps can the EU take to ensure equal access to reproductive healthcare for all citizens?


To fuse or not to fuse: Currently, 26% of the EU’s electricity is generated in nuclear power plants, which limit carbon emissions but produce hazardous waste. Considering the EU’s commitment to climate-neutral energy production following the Paris Agreement and the European Green Deal, what approach should Member States take regarding the use of nuclear power in the transition towards a greener Europe?


Born this way: Although the rights of LGBTQI+ citizens are protected by EU law, almost 50% of them still experience discrimination due to their sexual orientation and gender identity across the EU. What further steps can the EU take to reduce discrimination against its LGBTQI+ citizens?

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