Liberec 2021

9th Regional Selection Conference of EYP CZ Liberec 2021

Fri, 22 Oct. 2021 – Sun, 24 Oct. 2021



Post carbon cities of tomorrow: Following the creation of the Smart Cities Marketplace, the issue of climate change still persists. How can the EU support Member States in further eco-friendly development through the Smart Cities Initiative?


From school stress to online school stress: With as much as 54 per cent of young people reporting that distance learning negatively affected both their physical and mental health, what can the EU do to help its adolescents in these unprecedented times?


Women involved in terrorism: With one in four people arrested during 2016 in the EU for terrorist activities being women, and while these numbers continue to rise, how can the EU prevent women, who are mostly more vulnerable, from being radicalised online and exploited by terrorist groups?


The fatherhood gap: Keeping in mind that only 10 per cent of fathers in the EU take parental leave after the birth of their child, what measures can be taken to increase the involvement of fathers in infant parenting?


To share or not to share: The new European Strategy for data aims to facilitate data sharing in various sectors across the EU, fostering innovation, competitiveness, and economic growth. How can the EU harness the potential benefits of data sharing while safeguarding the data privacy of EU citizens?


Consumers' right to repair: With the lifespan of electronic devices used in the EU shortening and many companies basing their revenues on forcing consumers to frequently repurchase broken products which the consumers are unable to repair, how can the EU ensure the production of more sustainable products and ensure consumers' rights to repair?


Home is where cybersecurity is: With the European society transitioning into a digital age, cybersecurity is becoming crucial in establishing a trustworthy and secure environment for home offices. How can the EU ensure that adequate modern technologies are at the service of all Europeans, improving the resilience of cyberspace while protecting employees from cybercrime?


To infinity and beyond: With a new-age rivalry between countries on space exploration, how can ESA Member States approach and encourage this rapidly evolving science field in favour of the EU?

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