Novi Sad 2021

51st Regional Session of EYP Serbia

Thu, 22 July 2021 – Sun, 25 July 2021

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"Democracy first?": After concluding a trade agreement last December, the relations between the EU and China have diminished over serious violations of human rights of Chinese citizens. How should the EU approach trading relations with its second biggest partner, while promoting fundamental human rights for Chinese citizens?


In light of rising democratic backsliding within the EU and different views regarding the enlargement, what stance should the EU take in order to ensure an efficient and stabilising enlargement process towards the Balkans and Turkey?


"Solving the Trolley Problem": As self-driving cars become more widespread through research by major technological and automotive companies, how should the European Union approach the ethical dilemmas and possible human rights consequences caused by this technology?


Education as the foundation of equality: Despite the fact that education is considered as one of the best tools for fighting inequality, the education system within a country can oftentimes be the very reason for the persistence of social disparity. What measures should the EU take to contribute to the improvement of school systems and thus creating more inclusive and equal societies in its Member States?


With the recent lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic causing an exponential growth of people experiencing anxiety and other mental illnesses, the number of people suffering from eating disorders has ascended due to resorting to ways of coping such as excessive exercising and restrictive diets. What can the EU do to ensure proper medical assistance and legislation?


Going Green: Aware of the disbalance between European countries regarding green energy development, what measures does the EU need to implement in order to ensure the equal level of sustainable infrastructure among its Member States and accession states?


Even though fair trials are fundamental to democracy, underfunded judicial systems limit access to this right. What steps can the EU take to support Member States' judicial systems and ease access to this right?

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