Nova Gorica 2021

The 17th Regional Session of EYP Slovenia

Mon, 28 June 2021 – Wed, 30 June 2021



Show must go on(line): With many educational facilities transferring their activities to an online format in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, inequalities in access to the internet and electronic devices are making it harder for some students to access their classes and lectures. What steps can the EU take to ensure equal and fair access to the internet for its student population?


Inclusion as the key to success: Taking into account that in the EU only 50.6% of people with disabilities are employed, what further steps can the EU take to support and best accommodate the needs of people with disabilities in the workplace?


Get along with the voices inside of my head: A recent WHO study revealed that one in four teenagers in Europe has mental health issues. Taking into account that depression and anxiety disorders fall into the top five causes of disease burden among the youth, what should the EU do to protect the mental wellbeing of children and adolescents?


It’s international love: While globalisation has brought people and products from all around the world a lot closer together, it also arrived with massive ecological and ethical drawbacks, from overconsumption of resources to slave labour for the production of goods. How can the EU remain a strong economic power on the global arena while mitigating the negative consequences of international trade?


I took a pill in Ibiza: With the availability of drugs remaining high across Europe and countries such as Norway planning on decriminalising their recreational use in small quantities, what stance should the EU take on the decriminalisation of drugs keeping in mind their possible medical applications?

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