Cork 2021

24th National Session of EYP Ireland

Thu, 10 June 2021 – Fri, 11 June 2021



In the EU, over 60 regional or minority languages, such as Irish, are spoken by around 40 million Europeans. What can the EU and the Member States do to protect and promote the language diversity and the cultural heritage?


Taking into consideration the latest examples of “vaccination nationalism” and the forecast that the majority of countries of the global south will only achieve widespread COVID-vaccination coverage by 2023, what can the EU do to ensure more equal distribution of vaccines in the future?


According to the law, all patients must be treated equally by medical professionals. Nevertheless, many patients still face discrimination when accessing and receiving care, based on their sex, gender identity, race or religion. How can Member States guarantee equal healthcare for their citizens regardless of their identity background?


In 2020, Apple won the €13 billion tax avoidance case against the EU which was based on the statement that it harms fair competition. What can the EU and Member States do to ensure that multinational companies do not receive tax advantages which are not available for rival or smaller companies?


Under EU law, parents are allowed to each take three months of paternal leave. However, this option is not feasible for all citizens. How can Member States make paternal leave more accessible for all family models while also making sure the parents do not suffer long-term consequences?


More than 25% of European workers suffer from mental illnesses or disorders. What can Member States do to support these citizens and break the stigma around mental health to also create a healthier workplace atmosphere?


With an increase of “(fitness) influencers” on social media, many young people are regularly confronted with unrealistic and sometimes unhealthy beauty standards and dieting advice. What can Member States do to prevent the damage it can have on young people’s health and to promote a healthier and more realistic side of social media?


Following the introduction of the EU’s School Fruit, Vegetables and Milk Scheme, what can Member States and educational facilities do to promote a healthy nutrition for children as well as tackling the increasing obesity trend?


In an effort to fight climate change at a global level, the European Green Deal aims at promoting EU energy standards and technologies worldwide. What can the EU do to support and include non-European countries in this effort while also bearing in mind that some EU Member States’s energy policies have room for improvement as well?


The EU introduced the Clean Energy For All package in 2019 with the intention of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. How can Member States increase cross-border and regional cooperation to ensure that all Member States have the opportunity to invest in and to improve their clean energy technologies?


Projections expect the EU GDP to increase by €610 - €820 billion in 2050 if the STEM gender gap is closed. How can Member States make the STEM-industry more accessible to all citizens to improve employment and research?


In 2015, 3000 children were given up for adoption in Croatia, but only 100 children found new families due to the complicated legal status of the children and the adoption laws. How can Member States ensure the welfare of children given up for adoption while also making it easier for potential caregivers to adopt?

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