Kielce 2021

Digital Regional Selection Conference of EYP Poland

Fri, 30 April 2021 – Sun, 2 May 2021



The Real Estate of Affairs: The soaring property prices in Europe’s big cities have made housing widely inaccessible, causing homelessness rates to double during the past decade. Considering the concerns of market instability due to COVID-19, what stance should Member States adopt towards housing market intervention to ensure access to affordable homes in urban areas for their citizens?


Catching up with technology: With COVID-19 highlighting the importance of digital technologies for employment, over 90% of jobs in the EU currently require digital skills. Considering that a large part of Europeans still lacks the skills or means to utilise such technologies, how can the EU ensure the inclusion and long-term security of European workers in an increasingly digitised labour market?


Health online: With the COVID-19 pandemic challenging national healthcare systems and obstructing routine medical visits, Member States are increasingly turning to the development of telemedicine and eHealth. How should the EU and Member States utilise the benefits of contactless health technologies to provide equal and effective access to digital healthcare during and after the pandemic?


More than just a game for two: With its recent Digital Markets Act, the European Commission is seeking to limit the tendency of tech giants such as Facebook and Google to curb innovation and competition through their significant market share. How can the EU further restrain the monopoly power of dominant technology companies and encourage competition in the Digital Single Market?


Freedom of assembly: Amnesty International reports that several Member States have suppressed peaceful protests through sudden blanket bans and mass prosecution under the pretext of COVID-19 protection measures. How should the EU ensure that its citizens’ right to protest is respected, whilst considering health protocols and the danger of potential virus transmission?

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