1st General Assembly Day of EYP Grecce

under the umbrella of the 43rd National Selection Conference

Sat, 24 April 2021 – Sat, 24 April 2021



Farmers for a sustainable future // With the future of the Common Agricultural Policy focusing even more on environmental care, how can the EU and its Member States support farmers towards the adoption of more eco-friendly techniques?


Past the Boomers’ Era // With an unprecedented shift to online learning impacting the way students learn across the EU, how can we “update” educational systems to fit the digital age guaranteeing equal access and promotion of digital literacy across the EU?


A straw in the ocean // With Europe producing 58 million tonnes of plastic every year but only 30% being recycled, how can the EU reduce plastic waste and ensure plastic materials are recycled or discarded in an environmentally-safe way?


Who is afraid of Virginia Woolf? // With recent reports highlighting the gendered impact of the Covid-19 crisis disproportionally against women, how can we ensure an equal and inclusive recovery?


Energising the society // With the citizens and local communities playing an active role in energy transition and the Green Deal ambitions, how can we ensure the participation of the youth and of marginalised people in energy decision-making policies and empower active energy citizenship?


Flattening the Infodemic curve // With over 50% of Europeans believing they have been exposed to disinformation online and the mass wave of misleading or false information on the web, how can we create a safer digital space in which the fundamental rights of all users of digital services are protected?

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