48th NSC EYP Italy

48th National Selection Conference of EYP Italy

Thu, 8 April 2021 – Sun, 11 April 2021



Euroscepticism on the Rise: With one in every three Europeans having voted for a Eurosceptic party in 2019 European Parliament elections and more concerns over the EU's legitimacy having been raised during the COVID-19 pandemic, how should the EU address the growing scepticism towards its functioning for an "ever-closer Union" in the aftermath of Brexit?


Transatlantic Status Quo: WIth recent political changes in American leadership raising questions about the future cooperation between the US and the EU, the trade relationship between these global actors might have to be redefined. Keeping in mind the recently terminated Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations between the EU and US, what approach should the Union take in forming its strategic partnership with the US?


The Future of Healthcare: The recent developments in Artificial Intelligence highlighted the possibility of using AI for early detection of diseases and patient screening. How can the EU ensure efficient implementation of AI in healthcare to respond to the public health crisis exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic?


Forgotten Words: According to UNESCO's Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger, there are 128 languages within the EU that are considered to be endangered. With that in mind, how can the EU secure the preservation and the growth of regional and minority languages while also ensuring cultural integration within Member States?


Bank On: Considering the financial crisis of 2008 revealed that banks made major mistakes in their risk management practices, the European Union has been working towards the completion of the Banking Union for a safe and sound financial sector. While the Member States and European financial institutions' raising concerns over the Banking Union could place an excessive burden on the competitiveness of the EU banks, how can the Union work collectively towards a more risk averse Banking Union?


The Law of Robotics: Nesta has recognised that millions of people are currently employed in positions that are likely to disappear or change drastically by 2030, as AI and similar technologies are anticipated to replace certain occupations as well as increase the number of AI-related engineering positions. Bearing in mind these digital innovations in the labour market, what actions can the EU take in order to prepare its citizens for the rise of AI in workplaces?


Right to a Home: With a 70% increase in homelessness across the EU over the last 10 years due to structural, institutional, personal factors as well as recent "vulture funds", the Committee on Petitions (PETI) called on the EU to set a goal of ending the homelessness by 2030. What steps can the EU take to support Member States in ensuring affordable housing for all?


Disability Inclusion: The progress report on the European Disability Strategy 2010-2020 illustrated that 30% of people with a disability are at risk of poverty or social exclusion in the EU, compared to 21.5% of people without disabilities. What measures can the EU take to prioritise the inclusion of people with disabilities in social life while also eliminating the risk of poverty?


Big Fish Little Fish: Over the four decades, there has been a decrease of 39% recorded in marine species worldwide. Bearing in mind that 88% of European fish stocks are currently overfished, how can the EU opt for a more sustainable fishing industry while maintaining its economic viability?


“I’m In For Maneskin: Keeping in mind Maneskin’s recent victory at Sanremo and the enormous increase in their popularity, what steps can the Italian government take to promote Maneskin’s new album Teatro d’ira – Vol. I on a global level and reinforce their international reputation?”

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