2nd DNSC of EYP CZ 2021

2nd Digital National Selection Conference of EYP CZ

Thu, 25 March 2021 – Sun, 28 March 2021



Reach for the stars: The humankind is facing many pressing challenges and the relevance of space exploration to society is sometimes not well understood. With the European Space Policy in place, how can the European Union be a competitive player in the field of space travel and how can space exploration contribute to our common future?


The new Green Deal will make environmental protection a top priority in the post-2020 Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). With feasibility, accessibility to resources and sustainability having to be reached, what measures can the EU take to support both farmers and Member States in the transition towards a greener CAP?


In the EU’s post-pandemic recovery plan at least 22 billion Euros have been reserved for supporting youth employment, but youth everywhere are struggling now to enter a labour market that is dealing with the pandemic, economic insecurity, and the challenges of working remotely. What can the EU do to support its all its young citizens in finding employment opportunities in an increasingly challenging job market and digital world?


In the evaluation of the European Disability Strategy 2010-2020 it is noted that positive impact has been made in the inclusion of disability issues in EU legislation and policy, yet despite the efforts of the Members States, people with disabilities continue to face significant challenges such as high rates of unemployment and poverty. How should the EU approach the new Strategy 2021-2030 in order to further protect persons with disabilities?


According to the 2015 Ageing Report, it is expected that the proportion of people aged 80 and over in the EU will rise from 5% to 12% of the population in 2060. With 2.5 million European citizens dying due to terminal diseases every year, which steps can the EU take to secure comprehensive and accessible palliative care?


The push for a carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) on imported goods has led several trading partners to express concern or even opposition on the basis of fairness. With the World Trade Organisation criteria, EU green targets and competition rules having to be met, how can the CBAM be implemented?


While the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) expands and significant opportunities arise for the implementation of new technologies in law enforcement, Europe is in a high-stakes debate over the ethics and legality of facial recognition technologies and mass surveillance. Which approach should the EU take in order ensure its legislative capacities can keep up with the rapidly developing world of technology in the Digital Age?


With the effects of the financial crisis, the growing deteriorating press freedom and the rapid decline in available media outlets, the news media sector finds itself in a time of crisis. What measures can the EU take together with Member States in order to ensure free and pluralistic media?


Considering the rapid increase in the use of digital platforms with the uptrend of distance-working in the times of COVID-19, what measures should the EU take in order to extend e-voting to all Member States, ensuring its safety, data protection, transparency and accessibility to everyone?

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